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We specialize in IT-Services and Consulting. Our array of services covers all aspects IT project development, implementation and management – from operational solutions to business intelligence and data mining to the complete integration of all processes and systems. Our technology specialists understand the importance of change and they have developed a practice that allows us, and our clients, to keep ahead of change. As a sure-fire first step, we develop a strategic plan that reflects our clients’ goals. This roadmap provides the structure necessary to integrate faster and better technology and accommodates the accelerated deployment of technology solutions. In addition to implementing new technologies, Asher can also maintain or upgrade your existing systems, as well as provide total staffing solutions to clients. The boundless expanse and depth of the oceans reflect us and our range of services. Complex processes, intelligent systems, and interesting architecture – the fascinating character of the IT cosmos drives us day by day to develop innovative ideas, to link them with our wealth of experience and to expand our spectrum. Why not get to know us and let us convince you of the unique qualities of the services we offer.

Business Strategy

The success of businesses is not a function of similarity, but difference. The highest levels of passion, commitment and talent are merged at Asher and have proved critical to our client’s successes.

Our values and beliefs:

  • Team work and information sharing.
  • A well-developed sense of urgency.
  • Encouraging and celebrating innovation.
  • Eagle’s eye focus on the market, its needs and changes.
  • Consistent commitment to change and integrity in everything we do.
  • The relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our business.
  • Respect for any and every individual who comes into contact with us.


Solutions that are Swift, Smart, Efficient and our ability to innovate in ways that reflect your company’s vision have set us apart from the rest. By getting to know our clients and the vision that guides them, we are better equipped to anticipate and devise solutions that meet our mission critical goals.
On-time, every-time is our motto and this underscores our reputation and sets us apart and we would love to help your business succeed.

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