DataStage/Database Administrator:

Database Administrator provides performing setup, routine maintenance operations, and administration on the DataStage engine. Actively involves in setting up the projects, roles, users, privileges in different environments. Possesses excellent knowledge on DATAFLOW, User Environment, building the fundamental blocks and Analyzes business functionalities. During optimizing the DataStage environment, he configures the nodes (both physical and logical) in DataStage EE server, memory allocation for various processes and log, Ports configuration for the various external interfaces, troubleshoot and debug the aborted job processes from DataStage server side, Determines when/how to kill some huge time consuming process or release some running process from DataStage server side to optimize the server performance and avoiding (& resolving) any deadlocks and extensively uses DataStage Manager for importing metadata from repository, new job categories and creating new data elements.

DataStage Developer:

Datastage Developer job responsibilities include design, documentation, development, testing and support of complex data extract, transformation and load (ETL) programs using IBM Datastage Knowledge in writing Unix, complex Sql scripts and Pl/Sql procedures using sql loader concept. Knowledge in creating Job sequences and automate those using Autosys with box technology. Source code management will be done between environments using Tivoli packaging. Knowledge in logical data models and builds components required to load the physical layer using his ETL skills. Create system documentation including, but not limited to, source to target data mapping, database design diagrams, programming specifications. A critical part of his job requires an understanding of when data should be loaded, how data should be transformed and optimization of load performance.

We provide short-term, long-term contracts and full-time positions in the following areas:

  • Visual Basic, .Net,,
  • WebSphere, WebLogic, HTML, XML
  • Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, DB2, DataStage, Informatica
  • C, C++, Java, Visual C++, Small talk
  • NT, Unix, Window 95/98, MVS, OS2, OS/400
  • Novell, Windows NT, Unix, and TCP/IP(MCSEs, CCNAs)
  • SAP, Oracle Applications, Peoplesoft
  • COGNOS, Hyperion, Ab Initio

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